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Qingdao Tianhexiang Textile Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Tianhexiang Textile Co., Ltd.
Shandong, China
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Anti-Microbial Fabric
Natural Fiber Fabric
PUL Fabrics
Cloth Diapers/Nappies

About US


The words THX originates from the acronyms of our company's name: Qingdao Tian He Xiang Textile Co., LTD., who is a professional cloth diapers manufacturer and expert. The founder and owner, Mr. Gao Fei, has 10 years' experience in providing top quality cloth diaper products to customers from all over the world. Our sewing facility employs sewers aged 21-50 with at least 2 years of prior experience in sewing. Working 8 hours a day with a minimum of 6 days off a month, our employees are paid 20% more than local wages. They receive no money penalty and are not forced to work overtime. We are a big happy family!

We’re proud of the way our company has grown and the positive impact that we’re having on families worldwide. To help our co-ops and retailer customers get our products more easily, we created this website. We hope to let more people know our name, know our best quality and service, know our passion of making a difference in families and the environment.     

Besides all the popular products we have been selling previously, we also lunched some new designed and competitive diapers in the next few months. These new products are branded with "Bale&Jessee", our own brand that is registered in USA. Thank you for all the help from any of you!